If you love all things French...white..worn..chipped and old..your in the right place..come stay awhile...

Sunday, May 15, 2016


           Hope this finds all of you well and happy..ox


Unknown said...

Beautiful scenes from your home! Love it all Chrissy!
Hope you are doing well :)

It's me said...

Beautiful your beautiful decorated your banner picture love happy week Ria x

Linda said...

I am well.....thanks!
Happy Summer to you..
Linda :o)

chateau chic said...

Always so much beautiful inspiration. Loving the white cabinet with the ironstone!
Mary Alice

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LLfromKS said...

Where are you? I hope all is ok! I've missed your posts!

Blondiee10 said...

I am wondering where you have gone too...hope all is well ❤

Tonya said...

I really miss your blog! Do you have an Instagram where we can follow along?

rohanrj said...

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