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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Plate Rack Love....

Morning! I had wanted to post this a couple of weeks ago but with Megs room being such a big job it got pushed aside. I had been showing John all the lovely plate racks in my J.D.Arc magazines .....saying how much I loved them(hint,hint) and doesn't he come home from the shop one day with one in hand for I love my husband...oh yeah!!! He made it from antique lumber & stained it to match the island,he says he won't make anymore cause it took more time to make than a harvest table!!! Anyway, my next post will be Meg's looks amazing,but don't forget..its her taste not mine :) Till then enjoy your day and as always thanks for coming by! ~Chrissy~

Monday, August 16, 2010

Far Too Pretty.....

Hi there...o.k so I am soooooo in love with my new tea towels from soon as they came I knew I had to frame one cause they are way to pretty to use....I put the other two on my farm ladder. See the old photo,its of John's Mom & her sisters taken way back(1925) they are sitting by the sea in Ireland enjoying a rare treat...its my favorite old photo. Oh, and before I go my next post will be my first ever GIVE AWAY...I will give you only one hint..."INDUSTRIAL CHIC" can hardly wait! Till then! x00x0x0

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Le Petit Parisien...Part 2

Morning! When I posted my mini make-over of the bedroom I only showed you half the room...I really had a hard time getting the rest of it "just right"....I was nervous to recover the chair(cause I loved it) but I think the burlap suits the look better. Played around with the shelf abit....and this is what I came up I am HAPPY!!!! Can not believe summer is all but over (secretly thrilled)...thanks as always for stopping by! x0x0

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