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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

French Chic......all in the details...

                       I almost left without her......she was hidden under a table...I loved her instantly.
                    She is chipped and worn and perfect....and quite small compared to the one I found a few weeks back..
                         With her in my kitchen it feels..complete.....a true french country kitchen.
                       Every detail is in place .....the room makes me happy!
               I adore my little kitchen.....I am so glad you came by to see it....x0x0x

Monday, July 23, 2012

Best Flea Market Season Ever....

                  Just a quick hello....hope everyone is enjoying their summer...I for one can hardly wait for fall...or as I call it " sweater weather".... I must say though that this has been the best flea market season I have ever had...the photos are just a few of the things I have found so to Aberfoyle tomorrow with my girlfriend Tanya...always find a treasure or two there!  What have you found so far this summer ..would love to know!  Till next time.....xoxox

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