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Monday, June 23, 2014

Unlike Anything I Have Ever Seen...

                       Brace yourself...I am about to take you on a tour of a shop unlike any other..
                   From the moment you enter "Centro Urban Garden" you head starts to spin..
                            your heart rate soars..and the goose bumbs take over every inch of you!!
                 Well at least that was my first impression, this shop is just so lovely..
                    so full of everyday things turned into pieces of art..just by the way they are displayed.
             I had a hard time deciding what to get...but in the end I came home with a yard of vintage French fabric..a French tea towel and a charming old clay planter..oh and more inspiration than I have had in a very long time..hope you enjoyed "the tour"..for anyone local this shop is in Burlington on Brant Street...well worth a visit!! Hope everyone is well and happy! xo

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