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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Irish Ruins.....

                                      Hi there....   not sure if you will agree,but I find cemetery's and ruins to be beautiful...these are from the Abbey in Bangor N.Ireland which dates back to 558 A.D.

                                         Peaceful....beautiful and full of history....

                                      and some how in a strange way,very weloming as though your visit was appreciated....stay well!  x0x0


The Smith Hotel said...

Love old cemetaries! I was taking pictures like crazy when my daughter went on a field trip and part of the trip was in an old cemetary. Just makes you wonder what their lives were like and so many died so young!


Kate said...

Hi Chrissy
Love the photos on this post, they are so cool. I love walking and looking at these type of cemetaries. Hope that summer is treating you well. Have a terrific weekend.

Much love

High Street Cottage said...

Well this is a first! Happening onto your blog in the evening! I usually catch it in the morning.
Do you know I've never ever felt comfy visiting a cemetary. Mother was cremated, and well there came a time that they had to do something with her ashes so my Dad along with my Sister in Law had her ashes laid to rest in a cemetary and lately I've had the mind to visit. So this is a fitting post for me Chrissy.
I miss her.
Thank you for reminding me just how much, xxx

Robynne's Nest said...

Chrissy, I totally agree....and for an Aussie living amongst all this history here in England, I find it amazing what I can find in a cemetery. I have loads of photos and have thought about doing a post about some of the gravestones...but sometimes I'm not sure about invading someone's privacy by displaying their messages to their loved ones....although I'm pretty sure that no one in our village reads my blog...I'd just hate to offend anyone. Robx

Pam said...

Hi Chrissy. I found your beautiful blog through a photo of yours that was on Pinterest and have been going back through your older posts ever since. Love your photography and vignettes.

I also love older cemeteries. I did a post in May on an old cemetery in Ohio that had the most beautiful monuments in it. They are very calm and peaceful.

Anne Marie... said...

amazing! we were talking the other day while in our nearby cemetary how people don't make such great tombstones anymore - the old ones are just beautiful and so very respectful to the souls that departed.....

great pictures Chrissy!!

Faded Charm said...

I love all these much history there. I always wonder about the people's lives while visiting cemetaries and enjoy looking at all the old cement tombstones.

Enjoy the rest of your week:-)


sarah atmyyellowhouse said...

Hi Chrissy!
I love cemetaries...they are so peaceful and calm to me. This one is extremely beautiful with the ivy and the iron, the old brick and the writing.....and 558 A.D.! We have nothing with that much history around here...I bet it was a treasure to visit it.
Glad you're back!

Pam said...

I couldn't figure out how to email you back so I'll answer your interest question here.

It's a fairly new social media site where you can catalogue photos of projects that you see that you want to save for later. People can follow your catalogues if they feel that what you are interested in is what they are interested in. A lot of bloggers have started using it like they use Twitter and Facebook to increase interest in their blog.

I searched under your blog name and this was what I found . To see the whole picture of what the site is like you can look at my boards here .

Now, to my problem with the site. Even though when your "pin" a photo to one of your boards it links back to the blog where you saw it, it's not fool proof. I see a lot of people pinning photos from google images or etsy or somewhere where it's not actually linking back to the artist, photographer or writer. So I take it as a compliment that people are interested in my photos or my projects, but I want to make sure I am getting credit for it and that the people who stumble across my photo can click on my link and find my blog if they want.

Pam said...

Ok, that was one long comment. "interest" should read "Pinterest".

north pal said...

i have always loved going into cemeteries since i was very young. they make me very thoughtful and comforted. they have so much to say and i just try to listen. Bestest,Denise

Carole said...

I love old cemetarys and looking at the dates. Makes me wonder what there lives were like back then.


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I love old cemeteries. I always wish I could learn more about the people who are there. Your photos are wonderful.

Morning T said...

What a fabulous place. I love the different shapes of headstones and the way many are bending to and fro. Great images.

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