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Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Cathedral in Westdale....

Been a very busy week....Meg had her graduation on Thursday (she is in the grey shirt)....had a few friends over for pizza in the afternoon, then off the church for the ceremony.All and all it was a lovely day,we are so proud of the woman she has become.Meg has accepted to McMaster University here in town and is already planning her second trip to Haiti next May.... if anyone can make the world a better place its you Meg...just follow your heart! Hope everyone has a wonderful day, thanks so much for all your kind comments on my bedroom post, all the best ~Chrissy~


*The Beautiful Life* said...

What a beauty!! Congratulations, Meg!!

How exciting for her!!

Enjoy every minute, Meg!


Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

You should be very proud. It's wonderful that she wants to better the world.
Have a good week Chrissy!

See you soon,

sue said...

OOOOOOOOOOHHH I had a feeling there would be beautiful pictures of beautiful Meg, my heart skipped a beat cuz I thought there would be one of you!!! You know chicky I will bust out crying when you post a pic of yourself, but I already know you must look just like your beautiful Meg!
She's lovely and so are her friends, oh my, Canada is full of gorgeous young people!! I know she will go far with her big heart! Thanks for sharing sweetie, Love ya! xo

cityfarmer said...

everyone is so cute!!!

Time has a way of marching on, does it not???

carry on dear.

Anne Marie said...

how wonderful

your children are a reflection of you.........I can see what a beautiful person you are

cargol said...

Meg is so beautiful, I wish her all the best that the future holds! Congratulations!!

vicki archer said...

Congratulations to Meg, Chrissy, xv.

Picket said...

Morning Sea! Your daughter is gorgeous and congrats to her my friend....I know you are so proud of her!

Loved how you did the bedroom in the other post girl..that lace across the pillows...ohhhhh so beautiful!!!! But then again everything you touch turns out beautiful!..Just wanted to come by and say hello and that I hope you have a grand week my friend!~♥~

lorhen82 said...

Congrats to Meg...she's a beautiful young woman! The architecture in your photos is stunning! Thanks for stopping by. ~Lori

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Meg is just beautiful, I know you are proud! Thanks for leaving a sweet note in my garden and still loving your bedroom..

Laura said...

Hi Chrissy.....Your Meg is beautiful inside and have every right to be busting with pride! Take care, Laura

Miss Sandra said...

Dear Chrissy,
Your Meg is absolutely lovely. Congratulations! You have so much to be proud of. I wish her all the best the world can offer.
I hope you're doing well and having a lovely evening.

Kris said...

Hi Chrissy,

I'm back!! I've been so busy I haven't had much time to visit or post. My son got married last weekend, June 6th. I've been working long hours at the surgery center, I've been battling a chest cold and sinus infection and Phil and I just returned from a much needed and too short weekend get away. I dont' see things slowing down until mid July. We have another family wedding in two weeks. Phil's daughter, Cagney is getting married in Kansas City. Then the weekend of July 4th we are heading out to see my middle son, Rusty, who is stationed in N.C.

Congrats to Meg, she is a beautiful young lady and must be pretty darn smart!! Congrats on the acceptance to college.

Oh' and your bedroom. Very calm and relaxing space you've created. I love the painted floors.

I do hope to visit more often when I can stop and take a breath. :) Have a wonderful day and thanks so much for commenting and asking about my whereabouts.

Bre said...

.....I was just about to leave a post saying that the magazine was kind of worth it for me (even though it was the price of a book)
cause I read them over and over.

And then I read your message that you're gettin not one but three!!! You hit the motherlode ! but I know you'll love them. Totally remind me so much of your decorating style. Lucky you ...I'm so envious !!

...and by the way Meg is totally gorgeous !! You must be so proud of her growing into such a beautiful young lady.

Hugs and talk soon,


Chari said...

Hi Girlfriend...

I'm just coming from your bedroom post...left you a note there!

Ohhh my...your Meg is absolutely radiant!!! What a special time for her...sending you and Meg a big, hearty Congratulations!!! I remember you writing about her first trip to Haiti...she sure is a special young woman!!! I wish her the best in life and send many, many blessings her way!!! By the way, that cathedral is gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for sharing such a special event with all of us!!!

Congratulations Meg!!!
Warmest wishes,
PS...Chrissy, I know that you must be a very proud mama!!! said...

just surfed on in, not sure from where, had to comment, she is gorgeous!


Musings From A French Cottage said...

Congratulations to Meg! I wish her all the best.

What a beautiful church too!

Have a wonderful day my friend,

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Meg! What a lovely daughter you have!! Know you are proud!


Congratulations to your daughter
What is she going to be doing at university.
My daughter Rebecca is in Aberdeen university studying English
She has just finished her 2nd year and home for the summer.
You are very lucky she is goin to a local uni i miss Rebecca so so much when she is away
ps your daughter is a pretty girl she could be a model

fairmaiden said...

Your daughter is beautiful. Congrats to her. Will she remain home while attending the college in town? Mine does and it has been so nice. Did Meg graduate from a private school? Charter? or homeschool? It's a beautiful Cathedral that her ceremonies we're held in.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations... :) May luck and love lighten your path along the way Meg!

charmaine said...

hi Chrissy! i missed you!!! how have you been? congratulations to Meg, she looks so beautiful, and her friends do too. i know you are so proud of her. i wish Meg the best success with her bright future. i know God has great plans for her. also, congratulations on her acceptance to the university. i'm so happy for her. i'm also happy for you, congratulations mom for doing such an excellent job! talk to you soon. :)

God Bless,

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