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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Three French Treasures...

One pot of rosemary.........

one huge bunch of lavender......

 french farm happy girl !

Hope your day finds you HAPPY....thanks so much for all the wonderful notes on my bedroom post :) ~Chrissy~

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Le Petit Parisien...

Even though I did not make any huge changes I am thrilled with how the bedroom came together. The tiny old shelf was a $10 flea market find....I love how soft and pretty it looks with the glass on it! New bedding and a new french pillow cover from Andrea (FADED PLAINS) just soften the whole look of the room....but I have to say my favorite part of the room is my "LE PETIT PARISIEN" a newspaper page from 1914 that John bought me on Sat. it looks like it should have been here all along...don't you think? Thank you all so much for you input on the bed,the more I thought about it the less brave I became,and you know I think leaving it black was for the best.....have a great day my friends..and as always thank you for taking time to stop by and say hello!!! ~Chrissy~

Monday, July 5, 2010

C'est La Vie.....

Out for a country drive on Sat.....when we spotted this charming little store in this grand old house....just look at all her treasures waiting for a new home....eye candy at its best! But alas....she was closed for the day.........heartbreaking!!!! Not much I could do.....except say "C'est La Vie" which just happened to be the name of the fitting!!! Enjoy your day my friends ~Chrissy~

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