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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quiet afternoons......

Hello!!! I can not thank all of you enough for your well wishes.....I am just fine, Thursday is my last day of radiation ( SAWEEETTTT) ....I have done very little....I must confess I have even had afternoon naps....most of them right here in my favorite room...its quiet and cozy and oh so comfortable! One day I even curled up on the loveseat outside and that was me gone for a good hour! So should be back up and blogging next week....can not wait to catch up on all I have missed....wishing you all a lovely day! x0x0

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Away for a bit......

Hello.....hope this finds everyone well!! Not a ruffle to be found in Toronto..can you believe it? Oh well....I did borrow this little shelf from the bedroom, I quite like it here(for now). I thought I should let you know too I may not be around much for the next couple of weeks....I start radiation treatments tomorrow for skin cancer and between that and Jess's graduation(so excited) & work
just not sure I can fit blogging please bare with me & I should be back again in no time! Till then,all the best.....and thanks for coming by!!! x0x0

Thursday, June 3, 2010

All things ruffled......

All of a sudden ruffles are in again....I love it!! Theres something romantic about them....these photos are all from Urban Outfitters....think I may have to take a peek at them on Monday when in Toronto! Hope everyone is keeping well and having a great week ~ Chrissy~

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